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Ajay Sharma

Coach Sharma is currently the Assistant Coach for the Guelph Nighthawks in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

It does not take long for a conversation about the highest levels of success in Ontario women’s basketball to turn to the name Sharma. In nine seasons at Humber, Ajay Sharma – two-time national champion and four-time OCAA champion – has built a dynasty that no program in the OCAA can match.

Coach Sharma was named the head coach of the women’s basketball program by athletic director Doug Fox on May 20, 2011, and immediately transformed the Hawks into an unmatched program of excellence.  The crown jewels of Sharma’s tenure at Humber are the two CCAA national championship banners that hang in the North Campus Gym. His two teams to climb the CCAA mountaintop are the only OCAA women’s team sport to ever win a national title.  Read more...

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